The 5 Best Pet Insurance Companies (2021)



Figo was founded in Chicago and has been offering pet insurance since 2012. With a focus on innovative technology and a cloud-based platform, it is leading the industry towards a new, modern way of doing business. . But how well does it compare to some of the top companies heading into 2021? Let’s find out.

Coverage options

There are three different levels of coverage that Figo Pet Insurance offers its clients: Essential, Preferred and Ultimate. The former is the cheapest standard option available, covering all of the common issues found in all of the best pet insurance plans on the market. These include accident and illness coverage, as well as examination costs (routine care is excluded), prostheses, surgeries, hip dysplasia, alternative treatments and prostheses. Figo also covers hereditary or congenital diseases (as long as they are not considered pre-existing) as well as modern cancer treatments, stem cell therapy and cardiology. Both full plans are more expensive, but they add coverage for lost pet advertising and reward, or vacation cancellation and death benefits.

Prices and discounts

Figo is a pet insurance company with average or slightly above average premiums. The Essential insurance plan with a $ 200 deductible and 80% payback percentage can get you a quote of about $ 20 for a cat and about $ 23 for a dog under a year old. The annual deductible choice ranges between $ 100 and $ 1,500, while Figo sets itself apart from the competition by offering a 100% refund option, so premium levels vary widely depending on your choice.

With a 100% refund and a minimum annual deductible, for example, it’s not uncommon to see monthly premiums go up to a few hundred dollars, but the average cost is around $ 50. We should note that there are also one-time service charges when obtaining pet health insurance, which vary depending on your location. Figo also offers annual limits of $ 10,000 in the Essential coverage plan and $ 14,000 in the preferred coverage plan. The most expensive unlimited insurance plan has no annual limit.

Last but not least, Figo goes way above industry standards with multiple discount options that can lower your premiums if you qualify. If you are a veteran or the owner of a medical service dog or rescue / shelter dog, you may qualify for a discount, and the same applies to owners of multiple animals and those who pay their annual premium in advance.

Client experience

Figo easily has the most stylish website out of all of the best pet health insurance companies on our list, which isn’t surprising given its focus on innovation and modern technology. The layout is beautiful and the user-friendly design will easily make it easy for you to find exactly what you need. In addition, the company has a mobile application that tracks complaints in real time, allowing you to access medical records and geolocate your animal in the event of a runaway. This fantastic Pet Cloud app can also show nearby dog ​​parks and pet stores based on your current location, and even provides 24/7 access to contact a licensed veterinarian via live video chat.

The claims process is also fully automated and paperless, and takes an average of 10 days, all using an AI-based assistant called Evie. It’s faster or on par with the best pet insurance companies in the United States. Once the complaint is processed, you can simply take a photo of the invoice and submit it to the company via email, and you’re good to go. As with most insurers, there is a waiting period before you can make a claim, with a delay of five days from registration for injuries and 14 days for illnesses. The only exclusion concerns knee problems which have a waiting period of six months from the day of your registration.

You can contact Figo customer service for any additional request. The company offers live support services via phone, live chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, and email. The staff are friendly and helpful which is one of the main reasons Figo has one of the highest pet insurance ratings among customers. The company has a B + rating from BBB and an outstanding 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot, from 650 customer reviews.

Final words

Overall, Figo provides one of the most comprehensive pet insurance services available in 2021. Aimed more at tech-savvy customers who can use its fantastic mobile app and high-tech features, this company is at the forefront of the sector in terms of innovation and customers. service. Figo also offers a rarely found 100% reimbursement option and usually has one of the most affordable pet insurance plans available. Add to that national coverage, fast paperless claims processing and multiple discounts and you have a great choice for any potential customer in the United States.


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