Stunning North-South Divide in Pet Insurance Costs Revealed in New Study

Archive photo of an English Bulldog. Photo: PA.

According to a new report, pet owners face a major North-South divide when it comes to the price of insurance policies.

GoCompare Pet Insurance revealed the average pet insurance premium paid by each region and found that those in the south spend the most, while those in the north pay the cheapest prices in the UK.

London is the most expensive place to insure cats and dogs.

The average premium for cats in the capital is £260.12, while buying protection for a dog costs just over £500.

The most expensive area outside of London is the South East, where cover averages £214.84 for cats and £420.24 for dogs.

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On the other hand, the cheapest place to insure a dog is Northern Ireland. Premiums here average £306.49, almost £200 less than in London.

Similarly, the North East is the cheapest place to insure cats, with premiums averaging as little as £155.96 – £104 less than the cost of paw protection in the capital.

Hannah Isitt, Pet Insurance Expert at GoCompare, said, “There are many factors that contribute to the quote you receive for pet insurance.

“Everything from the breed of the animal to your claims history can influence the price, so there could be several reasons why southerners pay more to protect their pets.

“It is possible that Southerners have pets that are more prone to hereditary health issues, such as purebreds.

“Another major consideration is the cost of vet bills in the region, which means these averages simply reflect variations in vet costs across the UK.”

Although southern regions spend the most on pet insurance, getting coverage is still worth it.

According to research by GoCompare, uninsured pet owners spent £468.7million on vet bills in the third quarter of 2021.

Esme Wheeler, pet welfare expert at the RSPCA, said: “Owning a pet can be very expensive and you can sometimes receive a large, unexpected bill if your pet is injured or becomes ill.

“We encourage all owners to take out insurance for their pet to help them financially should the worst happen, and to give them peace of mind that if your pet needs major veterinary treatment, you will benefit. the support of your insurers.”

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