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Pumpkin takes pride in helping you take the best care of your goldfish!

“While other companies have coverage for ‘exotic animals’, they have completely excluded the most common family fish. We’re here to fill this gap to help kids and their parents take the best care of their fish. Red.”

Goldfish are the third most common pet in U.S. households with hundreds of millions of products sold each year. Yet there has never been insurance coverage for Friends with Fins. Until now.

Pumpkin, a provider of pet insurance and welfare, has announced that the company is expanding its available plans to begin offering accident and health insurance for domestic goldfish. Starting in the coming weeks, Pumpkin’s best style blanket will now be available for this hugely popular, but often overlooked, family member.

“A child’s first pet has a special place in their heart, which is why we want to help them live as long as possible,” says Alex Douzet, CEO of Pumpkin. “There is a huge gap in the market when it comes to domestic goldfish. While other companies have coverage for “exotic pets,” they have completely excluded the most common family fish. We’re here to fill this gap to help kids and their parents take the best care of their goldfish.

While goldfish are known to have a short lifespan, when properly maintained, goldfish often live up to 10 years in home aquariums and up to 40 years in the wild.

Pumpkin’s Goldfish Plan is a new offering, born out of the company’s love for all animals. Since goldfish are typically a child’s first pet, this new insurance will make owning and maintaining a fish friend as easy as possible for parents. The plan will cover the treatment of the four most common problems that fish owners face: digestive issues, stress management, swim bladder, and sudden and unexpected death.

With comprehensive nutritional and dietary advice, parents of fish can respond quickly to digestive issues developed as a result of a flake spill disaster by an overzealous toddler. Behavior Therapy and Prescription Drug Plan coverage helps minimize and manage stress caused by cat-induced anxiety or accidental neglect from neighbors when owners are away. Swim bladder, a painful gas-accumulating condition common in goldies that causes them to float upside down or to their side, is easily treated with micro-acupuncture.

Pumpkin understands that even the most dedicated fish parent makes mistakes, which is why they have developed a much sought-after cover feature: Emergency Lure Fish. Supplied with every new shot, the lure saves parents time once they notice their child’s fish has suddenly made stomach. After calling the 24/7 Pumpkin hotline, an emergency replacement fish is delivered within hours.

Pumpkin’s Goldfish Plan is the first in a series of small creature covers the company plans to expand into, including crustaceans like hermit crabs and snails, as well as sea monkeys.

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Pumpkin Insurance Services Inc. (Pumpkin) is a pet care company and pet insurance producer founded to help pets live their longest, healthiest lives. Learn more about the pumpkin at

[1] Pumpkin Insurance Services Inc. (Pumpkin) is a licensed insurance agency and not an insurer.

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