Credit loans without payroll – are they possible?

Onecredit loans without payroll: what alternatives?

Onecredit loans without payroll: what alternatives?

Whether you require a personal loan or a specific loan, you must always provide guarantees to the bank or financial lender, through a demonstrable income. If there is no demonstrable income or no pension is received, then one or more guarantors can be signed. These rules apply to all credit institutions, and therefore also in the case of Onecredit personal loan research without a pay slip.

However, we see what the possible alternatives are, depending on the different types of personal loans, even for young people, reserved by Bank Onecredit, remembering that the Farwesse bank also offers the solution of the loan on pledge, for which you are recently verified important news.

Types of loans with income or pension

Types of loans with income or pension

The fact that you are without payroll does not preclude the possibility of applying for a Onecredit loan if you have a demonstrable income. This happens therefore with the presentation of the documentation that attests the income as autonomous worker, or sole proprietorship, freelancer, or even the pension. The only exception is for the fifth assignment, which cannot be requested if you are without a paycheck or pension.

Those who do not have a demonstrable income can still apply for a loan thanks to the inclusion in the loan request of a guarantor or a co-obligator. Obviously the guarantor or the obligator must have a demonstrable income which the bank will in turn consider sufficient to approve the loan request.

These rules apply to all types of loans that Bank Onecredit offers except, as mentioned, for the sale of the fifth and, for different reasons, in the case of the loan on pledge. As of 24 September 2018 the available proposals are:

  • Credit Express Dynamic : from 2000 to 30 thousand USD (unless you go to the Top version which exceeds 30 thousand USD up to 75 thousand USD) with a repayment plan duration of 36 to 84 months;
  • Credit Express Easy, with pre-assessment, with a credit of 5000 USD, which can be requested from the app if necessary, with a term from 12 to 36 months;
  • CreditExpress Compact, which allows you to have between 2,000 and 50,000 USD to be used for debt consolidation, with a duration ranging from 36 to 120 months;
  • Start Voucher loan, with pre-assessment, which allows you to get from 200 to 30 thousand USD, with repayment from 12 to 84 monthly payments (the credit must be spent with partners that have been agreed and selected by Onecredit).

Loans can take advantage of the options change and skip installment, round installment, with the addition of the loan top-up which serves to ask for additional new liquidity. The documents to be presented, in addition to the personal ones, are logically also those attesting the income received, which for those without payroll are:

  • the pension slip;
  • the Unico model for those who are not employees or pensioners.

The same documents are valid for any guarantor.

Loans without guarantor and without income

Loans without guarantor and without income

If you do not have a demonstrable personal income, and you do not even have a co-obligor or a guarantor to be included in the loan application, you can evaluate the possibility of a lien on pledge. In this context, at Onecredit, an important change occurred as the sector that the bank managed for the granting of this loan, was sold to the Austrian company, leading to the creation of a structure with 33 branches and 33 branches in Italy.

According to the legislative norm dating back to 1939, with the loan on pledge, a sum of money is obtained on loan thanks to the delivery under guarantee of precious items (or other valuables). The precious goods accepted by the structure to provide liquidity according to the value attributed to the object or asset by the appraisers are:

  • jewels and precious stones;
  • silver;
  • watches;
  • coins.

In general, after the estimate, if it is decided to accept the sum proposed by the appraiser, then a contract will be signed, which will immediately make available the appraised sum net of custody rights together with a policy relating to the estimated value of the asset to which it relates. pledge, with a duration of 3 or 6 months.

On expiry of the chosen term, it will be possible to decide whether to extend the policy or to redeem the asset. Upon redemption of the asset, the sum obtained as a loan, plus accrued interest and taxes, must be paid. If you decide to renew or extend the policy, you will still have to pay interest and taxes accrued up to that point, but you will not have to pay the amount obtained as a loan.