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One in five pet owners have had a problem with soaring insurance premiums – with dog and cat lovers being charged up to £ 2,000 to protect their precious pets, which one? investigation found.

Based on a survey of over 1,300 Which? members, the average price for a lifetime annual policy has reached £ 472 for a dog and £ 285 for a cat.

Six in 10 policyholders (60%) have seen an increase since their last renewal – on average, £ 123 for dogs and £ 57 for cats. One in three (32%) people with dog or cat insurance have used the policy and made at least one claim in the past year.

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How much does pet insurance cost?

Our survey found that the average amount pet owners pay for dogs aged 7-10 is £ 526. This is a marked increase from 2014 when the cost was just £ 456.

The breed of cat or dog you own can make a significant difference in the cost of insurance. We averaged the five cheapest lifetime policy quotes for eight dog breeds and seven cat breeds on a comparison site using a Cambridge postcode.

French Bulldogs (£ 358) were the most expensive of the eight popular dog breeds we compared, costing hundreds of pounds more to cover than a Jack Russell Terrier (£ 133). When it came to cats, a Maine Coon (£ 114) was the most expensive, followed by the Bengal tiger (£ 105) and domestic long-haired cats (£ 86).

Dogs Average premium
French bulldog £ 358.49
Golden retriever £ 186.99
Labrador retriever £ 182.12
rooster £ 141.49
Cocker £ 140.54
Cross £ 139.08
Border collie £ 133.87
Jack Russell Terrier £ 132.75
Cats Average premium
Maine coon £ 114.44
Bengal tiger £ 105.44
Long haired domestic cat £ 85.64
British Shorthair £ 85.09
Tiger £ 85.09
Domestic short haired cat £ 81.94
Cross £ 81.00

In the survey, animal lovers in the East of England paid the highest average premium to insure a single dog on a lifetime policy (£ 565), followed by:

  • East Midlands – £ 535
  • South East England – £ 517
  • London – £ 493
  • South West England – £ 470
  • North West England – £ 427
  • West Midlands – £ 424

Harry Rose, which one? Money Editor, said, “While the increase in premiums has left a lot of people under pressure, there are things you can do to help keep the cost of insuring your pets under control.

“The sooner you are covered, the better. Not only will the premiums be cheaper, but a younger animal will have fewer pre-existing conditions, resulting in fewer exclusions and more choice between policies. ‘

Finding the best pet insurance

Getting the right coverage for your furry friend can be a minefield: there are a variety of policies out there, offering varying levels of coverage and with a range of exclusions.

So which one? is here to help. On this site you can read:

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