Activists want pet insurance costs to be deducted from…

Activist group Generation Rent says it is concerned about blanket proposals to allow landlords to charge additional damage insurance if they allow their tenants to have pets.

In the fairer private rental sector white paper unveiled by the government at the end of last week, it was said that – one of the proposals became law – tenants would have the right to request a pet, and their landlord could not refuse without reason.

Tenants could challenge a denial – presumably through the new Rentalsman, another white paper proposal.

However, the new measure suggests that the landlord can insist that the tenant take out pet insurance as an additional guarantee against the costs incurred by damage caused by animals.

However, Generation Rent complains about it.

He says: ‘We believe that pet insurance, which we believe costs between £10 and £20 a month, is not necessary when the rental deposit is there to cover property damage, and landlords are already unlikely to require the maximum five-week deposit. . It is somewhat worrying that they [government] want to reopen the rental fee law, which has been largely successful in preventing tenants from getting ripped off. It’s also unclear how pet insurance claims would interact with claims on the deposit at the end of the tenancy.

Generally, Generation Rent has been strongly supportive of the Conservative government’s rent reform proposals, and the pet measure has received broad support – mostly from groups who don’t complain about the concept of insurance.

For example, Dawn Howard, Chief Executive of the National Office for Animal Health, says, “NOAH launched its ‘Rent With Pets’ campaign in 2020 because our members passionately believe that all pets deserve a home. loving home, and that all responsible pet owners should be able to access good quality housing that does not exclude them from owning a pet.

“Unfortunately, keeping a pet in rental properties has always been very difficult and in many cases impossible at all.

“We are therefore delighted to welcome this government’s commitment to recognizing the value of pet ownership through the Tenant Reform White Paper, which aims to remove barriers to pet ownership. for responsible pet owners in rental properties in a way that continues to support owners and landlords.

“The measures set out in the Tenant Reform White Paper are transformational not only for people who will now find it much easier to enjoy the extended health and well-being benefits of pet ownership – but also for our beloved pets who also deserve a home.”

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